Lance Weber Fucking Alex’s Ass

Lance Weber’s wandering hands are all over Alex Meyer as these hot guys make out with each other, pulling off clothes and feeling one another up until Lance finds his way down to Alex’s cock. Sucking him good, Alex enjoys every second as Lance works him with his mouth and then they swap as Alex gives Lance head next, his mouth and hand massaging that cock as it gets hard as fuck. Both hard and horny, these guys are ready to fuck and Alex offers Lance his ass, cheeks spread as Lance pushes into Alex’s hole, filling him up as he slides in balls deep. Alex moans, taking every inch of Lance’s rock hard prick, his ass jiggling and cock bouncing with each of Lance’s thrusts into him from behind. But when Alex turns onto his back and opens his legs wide for Lance, he grabs hold of his own dick and strokes it until he pumps the cum out of that cock and then lies back to receive Lance’s hot load as he jerks his dick and covers Alex with jizz!


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