Troy Takes Javier Cruz’s Big Prick

Javier Cruz and Troy Thomas make out before Troy drops to his knees to get a taste of Javier’s delicious curved cock, taking it in his mouth and deep down his throat as Javier fills Troy’s mouth. They switch places so that Javier can taste Troy’s sweet cock, deepthroating that nice pink prick as Troy watches him from above, but when Javier gets Troy on the bed and bends him over to rim that hole, that’s when Troy really starts moaning. Javier’s tongue traces circles around Troy’s ass and up and down Troy’s dick before standing up to push his own cock into Troy’s dripping wet ass hole.

Troy moans as Javier fucks him from behind, the bed groaning beneath them as Troy gets pounded into it by Javier’s big prick. Turning onto his back, Troy spreads his legs and Javier holds them apart, burying his throbbing hard cock in that ass again as Troy jerks his own dick, stroking it until he shoots a nice load. Javier pulls out and wraps his hand around his prick, working it until he shoots his cum all over Troy and they finish with a few more kisses.


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