Ryuzaki and our resident stud Fuji have worked a long day and are now ready to relax and have fun. Before they dine, they will dine on each other. Fuji starts the envious task of getting his new acquaintance horned up with a wet hungry mouth nursing away at his dick. Ryuzaki is soon stiff as a board and gives Fuji a quick suck, though he’s already hard and ready to go.

Fuji dives in to Ryu’s hairy butt and gives it a juicy lick, gets it wet and ready for his probing finger. Ryuzaki holds his legs up and closes his eyes dreamily as Fuji works up to three fingers inside. He’s ready to get his ass plowed, and Fuji rolls on a condom and gets to the fun part. Ryu’s cock bobs happily as Fuji slams away and fills him with slick hard meat.

As Ryuzaki lies face down with face on the pillow, he groans with deep pleasure. His ass tingles and his hard young thighs quiver; eveready Fuji just keeps on pumping. Fuji holds the sweet firm muscle of Ryu’s ass cheeks as he drives in harder. The exquisite pressure is getting too hot to handle, and so Fuji pulls out to let Ryuzaki milk out his creamy load onto his thick downy pubes. Fuji squirts out his sticky sperm onto the smooth tight skin of Ryu’s abs. They smile and wave goodnight to their fans from Japanboyz as the cameraman compliments them on a horny hookup.


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