Lucas Daniels is all in black, from cowboy hat to weathered black jeans. He looks like the perfect cowboy outlaw. Once he’s inside and on the bed, he keeps the hat on to fuel our fantasies. His nuts are hairy and low-hanging, his ass crack rosy and covered with soft downy hair. The tattoo of a ram’s horned skull is blazoned across his chest. His cock gets bigger and bigger, with a mighty thick shaft.

It’s time to get down to business, and Lucas finally doffs his boots and pulls the jeans off his ankles. He wraps a measuring tape around the thickest part of his cock to show off that five and a half inch girth. As he jerks, his egg-shaped nuts bob up and down in their sack, and we get a nice glimpse of the hairy patch between his balls and butthole.

Lucas stretches one arm out to the side, draws his knees up and out. He’s getting close to firing off a big wad. Speeding up, he concentrates on the dickhead end of his big meat. With one last tensing up, he shoots a thick spray onto his smooth hard belly. In case we haven’t had enough of sexy Lucas, we go back outside for some more hot closeups of his cock and long low nuts in the late-afternoon shade.


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