#EXTREMEFILTH: A Slim & Hung New Twink Arrival

18-year-old Jay is such a sweet little thing, slim and smooth, and with a big uncut cock too. He’s been a little curious about kinky play for a while and he’s come to the best to get some lessons, but can the new arrival endure the kind of punishment Master Sebastian has in store for this three-part 4K introduction? Check it out as the Master checks out the goods, making the boy stand on some barrels and stretching out his arms with chains. It’s a good position to have the boy in, and that quickly throbbing uncut cock gives away the fact that this little Czech twink is into it when the Master blindfolds him, sucks his cock, spanks him with the cane and then unleashes the zapper! Even the pain isn’t enough to make that big cock go all the way down, a little more stroking and he’s quickly stiff again! Stick around for part two, things are only gonna get more interesting for this adorable new boy.

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