“I’m so lucky, this boy was sent from heaven 😇 everything about him is perfect ❗
I’m not just talking about his Model looks,
10″ dick, or 8 pack, his personality and attitude towards sex is epic,
👆 He fucking loves having it off as much as me and is into all the things I am
Little josh, or Joshy boy as he wants to be known now) is filming us all messing about and me and DJ start proper getting it on,

His a pre cum leaker, which makes my hornyness goes into over drive
He said it was my turn this time (to get done up the arse)
Normally I would have just bent him over n fucked him away but
ANYTHING this boy tells me to do, I would do lol 😝
I’m that into him
Fucking me with that massive ‘true’ 10″ Willy, this 20yr sticks it so far in me I scream 😱
Bloody hell, I wasn’t expecting him to be a real hot,dirty fucker when topping, was demanding to get his cum in my arse
And Fucking me over n over, 👍 his well twisted
He shags me rotten bent over,
legs in the air u name it,
It’s funny, josh as his filming has to go for a piss, when he comes back it we didn’t know he was there still 🎥 us and we are proper in our own world 🌍It’s so supper horny, his try to hold out and not cum each time but where we are both so fucking into it that proves impossible.
Shit man this boy should be rename ‘Sir cum-a-lot’
⚡I came both times with just him fucking me uncontrollably⚡
He spunk’s it right over my hole n pokes it up me and keeps fucking
His beautiful is beyond compare
I know I’ve said it a few times but I can’t stop thinking 🤔 about the hot time I had with this boy
We haven’t seen each other since!!”

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