Three Guys, Six Balls

Zack Randall is having two fuckbuds, Tony Thickdick and Marcus Rivers, over for a hot playdate, and things heat up fast! Marcus is stretched out above Zack with his balls and prick dangling into his mouth, while Tony is fucking Marcus face at the other end. When Marcus wriggles down to suck on Tony’s hot meat, Zack strokes his delicious uncut schlong. Tony positions himself to plow Marcus, who grinds his ass back in encouragement and is sporting a rockhard erection that bobs up in front.

Zack rams his massive meat into Marcus’ face when the little stud is getting plowed from behind, crying like a babe for more and harder. Marcus props his ass up on a pillow and sucks down Tony as Zack takes his turn filling up that hungry hole. His body flexes and quakes as he pushes in to the hilt.

The two top studs pull out and all three start up beating their meat toward a big juicy climax. First groaning splash shot cums courtesy of Tony, straight into Marcus’ face, with the little stud spurting closely behind.


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