BEST LOOKING 20yr EVER pulled 4 REAL in Brighton street !

from HungYoungBrit ..


You gotta see this boy his absolutely, out of this universe, SERIOUSLY stunning
I actually thought all my dreams πŸ’­ had come true when he agreed to hang out
with us,
His even got a 6 pack to go with that hot body n cock- he πŸ‘€ like a premiere
league footballer ⚽
The chemistry is amazing and shows,
I fucking rib his shorts down,
put him on the bathroom sink,
spit on my cock and start poking it in,
then I fucking well go for it😈
Even though his got that stupidly big dick,
he LOVED being fucked & begs me to cum inside him,
I bend that little tiny waist over the πŸ› tub n fuck him like a rabbit πŸ‡ on meth
We got well carried away, then at some point I’m sitting on the 🚽 lid with him
riding my dick so fucking fast πŸ’¨
I burst my cum πŸ’§ right there n then, pulling out ever so quick β€œas so YOU can see
at home” me cumming then sticking it back in to squirt πŸ’¦ up him as he so badly


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