6 filthy Brit lads wanking

HungYoungBrit and 6/mates MASS wanking one out in group ⭕ and all of us spunk our thick
cum loads into one of them weird small iron refill 🥛 Things that u see randomly
about🤬 every time one of my mates is about to cum, we rush over with the camera 📸
recording and collect it
Dante the sexy cunt is so turned on by this he cums 3 times in a row, he knows
what’s cumming next😈
Jay who’s stunning and 21 yr, is next door being fucked
All unedited footage, all shot in real time- so u can see it really is our spunk being
used as lube for the fuck going on next door between
Jay, 21 and sexy random RAW loving ☣ tattoo hot boy.
THEN we Pour all that boy spunk into a cock shaped water pistol
(only we could find a water pistol like this HAHA) all filming it of course for you!
You gotta see this fucking thing, it’s basically a dildo (sexy one at that)
that needs force fucking into a lads hole and the trigger being pulled
No cleaver editing, what u see is how it went down, this clip is like proper legit
At the same time I got this hot as fuck 21yr lad next door about to get it on with a
, ” Hung beautiful dirty minded ☣ tattoo lad
Fucking hot as fuck guy with a bio tattoo ( guys with this means they are ARE
REALLY, REALLY – bareback obsessed, like beyond obsessed!!) absolutely 🅱 🅱
I gotta watch myself cos this bio tattoo guy is kinda 100% my type just because
he loves fucking RAW SO SO MUCH
What happens next is pure fucking filth but twink style 🐷

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