Nickie Has A Box Of Treats

Skylar is always up for some kinky fun, and Nickie knows it. They might seem like sweet little twinks but these boys know how to make their sex life a little more interesting. The box of special treats includes a dog collar, not that Skylar needs to be led into anything, with a little kissing he’s soon working his way to that hard young cock. Puppy boy Skylar sucks on his juicy dong, getting the boy wet and rigid, then it’s time for some ass play. With the pup’s hot little hole licked and plugged with a tail plug Nickie takes his turn to suck some juicy bone. Skylar moans with pleasure when the toy is replaced by that warm cock, fucked from behind right there on the floor, then banged on the sofa until his dick is spewing out a milky mess! Nickie is soon following it up with his own, pulling out and wanking off over his obedient pup!

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