Xavier Being Xavier

Even alone, there’s much fun to be had as long as it’s sunny out and you have access to a pool, like Xavier Ryan. Under the heat of a blazing sun, Xavier squirts his super soaker. Unbeknownst to him, however, house mate Aiden watches from a distance. At the appropriate time, when Xavier is most off-guard, Aiden comes running out and pushes Xavier into the pool. Sopping wet, Xavier climbs out, rips off his tee-shirt, and heads to his room to dry off. Alas, he can’t get even but that might have to wait for another day. Xavier will bide his time. Meanwhile, Xavier being Xavier, he ends up naked, hard cock in hand, and masturbating while watching porn. He strokes his meaty cock, building towards orgasm. When he gets close, Xavier throws his legs up in the air and gives himself a cum facial. You can just about feel the thick, creamy load as it splatters everywhere. But don’t try this at home. Not unless you’ve got a strong back and are limber enough to get out of the position. Or, why not have a buddy there to spot you? We can guarantee the results will be explosive!

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