Johnny Polak & Sebastian Kane – Veiny Twink Cock Milked Dry

Cute little Johnny is in for a treat at the hands of Master Sebastian. The experienced cock pleaser intends to make that veiny young dick spit cream, and you know when he’s in control it’s going to be a long and intense experience for the boy. The twink is tied down to a plank as the 4K session starts, naked and too tempting for Master to resist. He explores the naked young man, tickling him and making him writhe, but once he’s had his initial play things get serious. The plastic comes out, wrapped around the boy’s naked arms, trapping him fully. With his eyes covered with tape and his slim body gradually covered he’s rendered totally immobile. Now it’s time for Master to release that throbbing cock and work the boy’s incredibly veiny dick until his cream is gushing from his swollen tip and his climax flows through him!

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