Aussie boys naked outside at Bentley Race

As summer is returning to Australia now we are getting ready to begin shooting outside again. A strange thing happens with Aussie boys over the summer. They all want to get their gear off outside. As summer was wrapping up earlier this year I had this fun shoot with our mates Layton, Jesse and Sam on my inner city rooftop. The guys had previously shot some very hot scenes with each other. So while we were all in town at the same time, I got them over for some naked super soaker fun on the roof. It was very hot on the day we did this, so the clothes came off quickly. We got some really great shots, and even a couple of wolf whistles from the street below. Afterwards we headed back to the studio to film that amazing 3 way video where Layton and Jesse took turns getting double penetrated. What a hot way to end our day of shooting in the city.


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