Straight Mark Smith making his porn debut at Bentley Race

I’m really excited today to introduce, 18 year old Mark Smith. I met the handsome boy in Berlin during my recent vacation there. He was also there on vacation with some friends. In fact he brought a mate along to the shoot who helped out with filming a BTS video during Mark’s shoot. Firstly you will notice that our new boy is super fit and occasionally flashes a cheeky smile to the camera as he slowly strips naked. And oh boy, he has the nicest round muscle butt. We had a lot of fun shooting in my hotel room. I grabbed the video camera toward the end to catch Mark lubing up his fat uncut dick and jacking off over some girls getting fucked on the TV. Oh yeah… Mark and his mate are straight. We love straight guys. And Mark is going to make a great addition to our bunch of fit mates.


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