Shy Debutant Awards Horny Stalwart With A Hard, Raw Fucking!

You can just tell from the look in his eye that Elijah Rock is as nervous as fuck at the start of this filthy little set-piece – but that should surely come as no big surprise. Just eighteen years of age, with obviously no history of performing in front of a camera, this is a really big thing for him. Fortunately, he’s teamed up with the ever-confident Navon Raffi, who knows that a bit of a fun – in this case a pillow-fight – is just what’s needed to relax his young screen-star. Indeed, it’s a policy that works a treat; and before you know it Rock’s out of his pyjamas and is busily feasting away on Raffi’s juicy, uncut cock like some long-time pro! All of which sets the scene up nicely for a heated, sweaty session of twink-sex, which first sees Raffi performing fellatio in return; before Rock turns his eye to his buddy’s hungry pucker, that he proceeds to finger and rim in anticipation of a clearly much-needed fuck. Cue a hot, raw coupling between these gorgeous beauts – the kind director, John Smith, specialises in, and that’s sure to secure an appreciative blast from fans all over. Culminating in a generous mid-fuck pop from Raffi; before Rock secures his debut money-shot all over his mate’s arse!

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