Flip Flopping With The Maintenance Boy

When Lucas needs to get off he’s not shy about taking the initiative with a boy. Dylan arrived at just the right time, planning to fix whatever’s wrong with Lucas’ shower, but he soon discovers that he’s there for a different reason. He’s not complaining, when Lucas drops his towel and shoves the boy into the shower, their lips meeting, it’s a matter of moments before he’s sucking on that delicious uncut cock. Lucas feeds him, then gets Dylan’s engorged ram rod between his lips to return the favor. The boy’s ass is next, plump and tasty, licked out and slurped, ready for the boy’s boner to slide in deep, but he’s not going first! Lucas offers his own hole, taking his friends cock inside and being fucked against the shower wall, then swapping so he can have a go in his buddy’s hole! Dylan loves the feel of a big cock up his chute, with plenty of hard thrusts he’s wanking out his big load and getting a facial from his buddy.




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