Stealing The Twink Boy’s Cum

Alexis is an experienced cock stroker, so when he was asked if he wanted to make Johnny shoot his load with just lube and his hands he wanted it immediately. The boy has been waiting to see what would happen to him, left naked and standing, his hands tied and his cock there for playing with. It doesn’t take Alexis long to have that cock throbbing in his slippery hands, playing with the boys helmet and tugging on his nuts. Considering Johnny isn’t used to all this cock play he endures it pretty well, but the pleasure soon has him almost doubled-over. He can’t stop his cock from spewing cream, though, issuing a splashing mess of juice from his dick and finally relieved. It’s not over yet! Now that Alexis has let the boy cum he needs a little sucking for his own big boner! Johnny gets face fucked until semen is splashing over his cute face, a perfect end for a perfect 4K session of cock enjoyment.

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