Jacking off muscle mate Marti Trifon

Oh boy… I love my hot mate Marti. You might remember that I met this 21 year old muscle boy in Berlin last year. I was really impressed by his big muscly body and quiet polite demeanour. He was one of the most interesting guys I got to shoot with during the trip. So I was happy to find him again last month while I was back in Europe. Since it is the middle of summer he’s tanned and looking super fit. He’s always up for trying new stuff, so I had him model for me in footy shorts and then in an elastic harness. But really, I think Marti Trifon would look good in anything. After taking a load of stripping and flexing photos we moved on to making a video. I was excited about this because Marti was going to fuck a rubber fuck toy and I was going to want him during it. You see Marti has this gorgeous fat cock. And it feels amazing as I pump it in my fist. I was jacking him on the bed when he was very close to cumming. I almost missed the shot as I reached back to grab the camera. Luckily I got it just in time to catch our muscle boy pumping load after load on to his hairy abs. Marti puts on a great show and this video is now one of my favourites. It’s great having my sexy mate back again.


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