Jonny Cox Jerks Off

Jonny Cox is new to BSB and he’s ready to put on a show for you in his debut solo scene! He usually gets off three times a day, but he’s been saving up his cum just for you as he gets out of his clothes and shows us that toned, sexy body. Reclining back on the chair, he grips his big cock with his hand and strokes it gently, closing his eyes as he gives in to the pleasure and runs his fingers up and down his shaft. With long, steady strokes, the muscles in his arms and chest bulging as he works his own prick, he brings himself closer to orgasm. The longer he touches himself, the closer he gets, until his muscles tense and his face tightens as he pushes himself over the edge of ecstasy and pumps out a nice big load of hot cum. Covering himself and the chair in his jizz, he squeezes out every last drop as he catches his breath and rides out the last waves of his pleasure.

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