Back room cock sucking turns into wild fuck session

If there’s one thing Ludwig can’t stand it’s self pity, so when he finds Doryann Marguet drowning his sorrows in the bar he embarks on a mission to change his pitiful attitude. Ludwig takes him to the back room to teach him how real men deal with things, sucking his fat cock and making Doryann taste his own fuck meat. All it takes is the taste of precum on his drunk lips and the guy is ravenous for more. Thiago Monte is in the right place at the right time, and ready to add his own drooling cock to the party. Soon enough it’s a free for all of face fucking and cock slurping, hole rimming and dick stroking as the three horny fuckers feast on wet tools. A lesson in manhood can’t be given without some ass being stuffed with dick, so when Ludwig gets the chance he takes aim at Doryann’s hairy man hole and rams his fuck stick into him, jabbing his pucker hard and making him spit cum out of his cock while he unloads his own thick load all over the handsome guy’s face.


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