Alexei and his oiled up jock cock

Even though he’s straight and has a very beautiful girlfriend Russian jock Alexei Vasiliev loves being the center of attention, even when it’s other men admiring his body. He’s one of those handsome guys who likes to show off in the gym, getting hard in the showers and putting on a discreet show for strangers when he’s horny. He’s giving us an excellent show in this visit, removing his clothes and exploring his fine physique, then oiling up to make his naked body glisten. His plump jock ass is so tempting, but his slippery uncut jock cock is even more impressive as he focuses his attention on his amazing shaft. Sliding his wet hands up and down his tool he throws his head back and bites his lip, feeling the pleasure build until semen is gushing from his uncut shaft and showering his oiled body with milky juice!

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