Aussies Luc and Damien meet for their first hook up in the Bentley Race hot tub

This week two of my sexy mates are together for the first time. They had no idea that their first meeting was going to happen in my hot tub. Since it is now winter in Australia we have retreated inside so we can still get naked and not freeze to death. While my mate Luc Dean from Queensland was in town I hooked him up with our handsome mate Damien Dyson. I knew that these guys would get along well. And more importantly I know they would look great together in a video.

With the photoshoot in the hot tub out of the way, I grabbed the video camera to catch the guys kissing, sucking on each other’s dicks and fucking. And for a change the action starts in the hot tub with the guys dropping their speedos one more time. It took Luc a little while to warm up to the size of Damien’s big size. But once he got it deep inside him he didn’t want to stop! I love seeing this very passionate video one more time. Luc and Damien have made a load of videos with our other mates over the past couple of years. I’m really happy to finally get them together for this shoot.


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