Cock Addict Gets His Hole Slammed!

He may be over a barrel, quite literally, but naked captive Leo still craves cock and can’t wait to get the taste of Alexis’ dick in his mouth. After lapping and lipping at the boy’s bulge he finally gets that stiff length to suck, but that’s only the start. The boy’s bare arse is right there for Alexis to use, and he’s gonna, right after he makes it red and sore with some painful flogging. Pale little Leo can only endure the punishing fuck as Alexis slams into him from behind, taking a break now and then to feed the twink his juicy cock some more and whip that rump a little to make it extra red. With a final effort he fucks the boy harder, almost knocking him over, before finally pulling out and delivering his copious cum wad. Reddened, wet and aching, Leo is left to contemplate his cock addiction.



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