Layton and William hooking up on the rooftop

Today on Bentley Race I have released the rooftop shoot with our sexy mates Layton Charles and William Moore. It’s rare they I get to match up our overseas visitors. Layton is from Britain and William from Canada. They are both visiting Australia for a limited time. And since both have filmed some hot scenes with our other mates during the summer, I decided they would be a great match for this week’s shoot. I had no idea they were getting so turned on during the initial kissing shots on the roof. Suddenly their erect dicks were out and William was down on his knees sucking off Layton. Layton spotted a neighbour watching so we headed back to the studio for the rest of the shoot. I wanted to get the photos out of the way quickly because the boys really want to start fucking. The raw fucking in the video is amazing. And I was happy to see them taking turns at fucking each other. It’s one of the most passionate fucking videos I’ve filmed this year. The big smile on William’s face while he’s covered in cum at the end shows how much fun he had during his first hook up with Layton. Make sure you check out all of Layton and William’s videos now loaded up on Bentley Race.

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