Bareback boy torture leaves young slut wet with cum

Casper Ellis should have known better than to follow punk Claude Nikotine into the shadows. The weak boy is soon captured, restrained out of sight of anyone who might save him, a toy for the inked blonde dom to make full use of in the dungeon. The zapping is painful against his bare skin, the flogging stings with every lashing, but things only go from bad to worse when he’s up against the cold wall with nipple clamps pinching tight and metal weights tugging on his sensitive nuts. He can’t stop his aching cock from throbbing and dripping precum while his wet helmet is sucked and licked, but there’s more punishment in store for this bareback slave and his torment is nowhere near over. He’s not allowed to cum unless his new master lets him, and there’s a lot more the devious dom boy wants to do before then.

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