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Staxus – Wild Twinks Sc.4

Now that Timmy and Josh are alone at the barebackue it’s not long before these two are unable to resist the temptation of getting into each other’s pants! Needless to say that Timmy has had his eye on Josh from the moment he rode in, and in his tight clothing leaving little to the imagination we’re not surprised! Quite soon

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Staxus – Dream Boys Raw Sc.3

Who would have thought that John’s weird way of eating a banana in bed would lead to them both rocking each other’s bananas! Needless to say, a banana was one hell of a way for these two to get into the mood, and without a doubt, this got them both in the mood for some hot and steamy sex!  

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Helix Soccer Team Ep.6 Locker Room Party

Finally the great orgy of Helix Soccer Team is here! What happens when a whole team of hot young soccer players meet in a locker room? Party! It all starts with some innocent touches with the wet towels, playing to hit the partner’s butt… Instantly things get hotter and the boys start to undress and give each other very agitated

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Helix – Damien Ellis and Caleb Gray

Our porntastic, popular series, #Helix is back with Caleb Gray and Damien Ellis answering all ur requests, and acting out all your requests from Twitter! The boys answer queries about spanking, talk about their interests, and discuss Damiens adventures on Chatterbait. Requests involve showing off Damien’s butt, licking his biceps, spanking, and passionate kissing which brings the boys into a

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We leave our Sex Safari this week with an epic scene with Kevin Warhol and Antony Lorca. As it turns out Kevin has been feeling a little out of sorts ever since the arrival of Christian, Helmut and Jerome into the BelAmi family. Beforehand he always had first choice of all the newbies, but now he is feeling a little

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BelAmi – Zac DeHaan & Brian Jovovich

If there was ever a quintessential jock couple you would have to look no further than Brian and Zac. They are with us today as part of our Sex Safari series and being photographed by Marty Stevens. Marty started out mainly as a still photographer before moving on to become our lead director for many years, but on occasion he

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BelAmi – Hoyt Kogan & Matthieu Pique

We are not exactly sure that Christian would agree when Hoyt tell Matthieu that he has an ‘open relationship’ as we know that Hoyt is often in the bad book for his straying ways, not that it is evergoing to change him as he loves sex too much to ever tie himself down in an exclusive relationship, and because he

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HardBritLads – Joe Bond Solo

Confident East London lad, Joe Bond has a cheeky glint in his eye, and a relaxed confidence. Only 20, but with lots of tattoos, he’s an interesting character, with a sex drive so high his uncut dick is rock hard during the interview. We start with a chat and Joe talks about the different sports he’s done. He has a

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