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HardBritLads – Jamie West and Billy Roberts

Stunning, straight 18-year-old fittie, Jamie West (who so many of you were crazy about) has been persuaded to let a lad suck his big thick dick. The result is AWESOME! Incredible sucking, deepthroating and face fucking. A must for anyone who loves hot oral action! Its incredibly horny to see such a stunning young straight lad experiencing his first ever

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This film is about bringing tenderness and affection into relationship to men’s perception of power through balancing athletic prowess and “bro culture” with nurturance and attuning to each other’s sensual needs. “Good Game, Bro” is a fantasy of what sports players long for from their teammates. Though these models look the part of athletes, we also see them open up

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Helix – Happy Campers: Part 4

While Trevor attempts to nap off the awkwardness, Levi is getting into more athletic pursuits with Kane. A few compliments on their hike is all it takes for Levi to give it up. He’s not worried about what’s going on back at the campsite while getting his back blown out by the charming stranger.

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Helix – Beach Bums Ep.6

Chase Williams sits down on the beach next to artist, Travis Stevens to chat. Noticing Chase’s perfect bone structure, Travis offers to draw him. The pretty pair get to know each other, discovering things in common while Steven sketches an incredible likeness of his sexy subject. The experience connects the two; and, soon enough, they’re back in a bungalow gettin’

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Helix – Brotherhood of Games Ch.3

It’s time to work for Francis … Poor boy, clean and clean with his white jockstrap on, because he’s hot. The Brotherhood of Games can help you, how? In this new episode, El Maestre will send help to our working boy. Not everything is work in life, so if you work hard, you have to play hard. The doorbell rings.

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Freshmen – Rico Gabbani

We met Rico last week in his virgin scene with Kirk Gauguin. This is his first photo session with us. Next month you’ll see him in a scene with another newbie and his introduction will be complete. These pictures were taken earlier this summer by Elliot who did a great job in capturing young Rico’s smoldering sensuality.    

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