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Englishlads – Straight Muscular Hunk Hector

Hector is one young muscular stud who has come along way since his first photoshoots with FitYoungMen. Hector has grown considerably in size and now has a strong muscular physique, ripped abs and big biceps. Hector does a fantastic job of showing off all his hard work in the gym and flexes his muscles, and does a little workout before

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Helix – Wet: Part Two

Kane can’t wait to tell his roommate Alex about Aiden’s big move, so he takes it upon himself to interrupt the blowjob Alex is getting from Jacob in the grotto. They’re ready to celebrate, but not until after Alex and Jacob get their rocks off.  

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CockyBoys – Angel Rivera & Leo Grand

Anything can happen at Camp CockyBoys! When close friends Angel Rivera & Leo Grand hang out together they look at each other in a different light and decide to explore if there’s something more going on between them. Flirting & kissing by the lake gets serious sexual when they return to the house and make out on the patio. Hands

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Himeros – The Sissy & The Masc

Dominance and submission are existential poles of a spectrum within each and every one of us. We cannot identify with one side without having an innate understanding of its opposite – an inverted point of reference. Patriarchy has institutionalized shallow standards of masculinity that include: putting others down, bottom shaming, top’s privilege, as well as demeaning, racist, and misogynist beliefs

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JasonSparksLive – Where’s Waldo

Waldo is a tricky man to find! He pops up in all kinds of places; hidden amongst crowds, trees, and buildings. Jason heads out with his camera to find him, catching glimpses of his iconic shirt and hat before he jets off again! But there is one thing that’ll bring the slippery, slender man: a hot stud with a warm

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