Used As A Punching Bag!

I can bet the list of things you’d want to do with young and sexy captive Chris would be long and exceedingly dirty, but Master Sebastian has something a little more simple in mind. He needs to have a bit of a workout, and he’s decided to use the boy as a punching bag! Roped up, hoisted swinging above the

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Cock Addict Gets His Hole Slammed!

He may be over a barrel, quite literally, but naked captive Leo still craves cock and can’t wait to get the taste of Alexis’ dick in his mouth. After lapping and lipping at the boy’s bulge he finally gets that stiff length to suck, but that’s only the start. The boy’s bare arse is right there for Alexis to use,

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Joey Gets Shaved & Sucked Dry!

The master needs his fix of fresh young cum, naturally gorgeous Joey is a perfect choice. He’s already secured the boy by the arms on what he likes to consider his “altar”, surrounded by candles. The boy is at his mercy, which is exactly how he likes it. He starts by tormenting the boy a little, tickling him and playing

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