Zack Randall invites buddy John Powers over and immediately they start comparing body parts with a biceps muscle posedown. Next they are checking out their six-packs, measuring chests and then settle down to working out. Of course they strip naked and keep sharing and comparing. Reverse pushups against the desk gives them an excuse to wag their weenies and pump their family jewels forward into the camera. And that’s just a warmup.

The pullup bar is wedged in the doorway, and John knocks out a few with the camera looking up into his hairy crack. Zack outdoes him with some leg raises that show off his furry hole. John brags about his low-hangin nuts, then asks his buddy, “Hey man, you got any lube?” Out comes the coconut oil and the workout competition turns into a jerk-off. Zack takes an early lead with a fast hand and a stiff thick pole, but looking at him gets John hard in a hurry. Abs tense up and breathing turns slow and deep as they get their hardons ready to measure.

John flirts with the camera, giving some flirty looks, while Zack closes his eyes and jerks inside his fantasy world. When they get close, both studs glare down at each others’ cocks. John squirts out his load first, then Zack looks to win the final competition by spurting a creamy wad further across the table. But when the measuring tape comes out, it turns out to be a dead even tie. When John and Zack start a dick shooting game, it seems like everybody wins.

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