Punishing Foot Play For Maxxie!

Maxxie is one of those noisy boys who can’t stop himself from crying out when he’s in pain, or in pleasure. Maybe someone should tell him that his moans of agony and bliss only drive Master Sebastian on? The boy has his arms tied to his legs and his arse is there for the master to enjoy, but after some hard spanks he turns his attention to those sexy feet. With perfectly positioned begs, some caning and a whole lot of wax and tickling the master makes clear who’s in charge, but even though Maxxie knows it it’s not gonna stop Master from milking that cock and making the boy spew cum! With the boys balls trapped and his arse up Master Sebastian wanks and sucks that dick until Maxxie is exploding and ending this 4K session with a mess of twink cock juice!

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